Demographics are Destiny: Dublin, Ohio Responds

North America is a suburban continent with an urban population. What do I mean by that? Some facts: Where and how our population is growing has changed dramatically. Before 2010, most of the...
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Riverside Crossing Park Plans Revealed, Public Open House Announced

  (Dublin, Ohio) Following over six years of extensive planning and public engagement, final development and site plans for phase 1 of the east side of Riverside Crossing Park are now...
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Get the facts on Residential Property Tax Abatement

Looking to live in the Bridge Street District? You may have heard there is a property tax abatement for residential units within Bridge Park. That is true. But it’s important to know all the...
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Rise Brands Announces 16-Bit Bar+Arcade Dublin Location at Bridge Park

Columbus, Ohio – Rise Brands announces today a new 16-Bit Bar+Arcade location in Bridge Park, located in Dublin, Ohio. The growth will create more than 40 new jobs. The Dublin 16-Bit will be...
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Downtown Dublin - Preview the Future

  • Why Bridge Street?

    Choices. Jobs. Connectivity. The Bridge Street District is Dublin’s commitment to the future. Choices in housing, dining, and shopping along with riverfront parks, a new library and gathering spaces are fueling a vibrancy and creating connectivity. The landscape is ripe for redevelopment and new businesses are creating new jobs.

  • What’s in it for our residents?

    Experiences. Housing options. Property values. The Bridge Street District extends the experience of our walkable and vibrant Historic Dublin. It provides housing options for residents who want to remain in Dublin and enhances our property values by attracting young professionals who want to live where they work.

  • What’s in it for our businesses?

    Workforce. Access to amenities. Economic competitiveness.The Bridge Street District attracts a talented young workforce and retains seasoned professionals; provides convenient access to an array of amenities and fosters an environment of economic competitiveness for new business ventures and iconic world headquarters.

The Bridge Street District is home to parks, condominiums, choices in restaurants and retail, office space and more. Read More
experience Residents and visitors alike will be drawn to an energetic new destination along the Scioto River in the Bridge Street District. This urban, walkable area is poised to make Dublin a healthier and more vibrant city in which to live, work, enjoy and thrive. Read More
current-view-sm Bridge Street District redevelopment will sustain Dublin’s economic future attracting talent, new businesses and new residents. The Bridge Street District is ripe with opportunities for entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, artists, retailers, marketers – anyone with a dream or big idea. Read More