The Dublin Link is now open! Officially opening on March 17, 2020, it is the longest sing span, single tower S-shaped suspension bridge in the world. There is still some painting to do, which will take place this Spring. Construction is now underway on Riverside Crossing Park, which you can watch on our live camera.

Live Camera

Pedestrian Bridge Progress

In December 2019, the shoring towers were removed, official suspending Dublin’s suspension bridge! This was a critical step toward completion

Work began in February 2017, and much has been accomplished over the last few years. Here is a list of the major items that have been completed:

    • Build West Abutment
    • Pour concrete piers
    • Construct 169’ tall bridge tower
    • Build East Abutment
    • Build East retaining walls
    • Install Structural Steel and Concrete Deck for Approach Spans
    • Install temporary shoring towers
    • Install structural steel deck for Suspension Spans
    • Cable fabrication & testing
    • Raise deck
        • Install 41 cables
        • Lower deck
        • Stress cables and conduct survey
        • Raise shoring towers/deck
        • Pour center concrete deck section
        • Lower shoring towers/deck
        • Stress cables and perform survey
        • Raise shoring towers/deck
        • Pour east and west suspension span concrete end sections
        • Install wind vane

Bridge Cables

This is the longest single tower “S” shaped suspension bridge in the world. It is also the only single tower “S” shaped suspension bridge in the world.

There are 43 total cables including one tie-down cable, two main suspension cables, two restrainer cables and 38 hanger cables.

The cables were fabricated in Italy (one of only three companies in the world that produces the type of suspension cables needed for our unique “S” curve bridge). Then, the cables were extensively tested in Germany, before being shipped to the United States.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge Spanning the Scioto – Fun Facts

          • Main tower height of 169 feet – OSU Stadium press box (183 feet tall)
          • Suspension span of 500 feet long – nearly 2 football fields
          • Total deck length – 760 feet long
          • 860,000 pounds (430 tons) of structural steel – weight of a loaded 747 airplane or 355 OSU victory bells
          • 350,000 pounds (175 tons) of reinforcing steel – weight of 100 mid-size cars or 145 OSU victory bells (2,420 pounds)
          • 1,600 cy of concrete – amount of concrete to build 32 new single family houses (foundations and driveway – 50 cy per house)
          • Two suspension cables (120mm diameter) – tensile force in cable of 3,250,000 lbs. each – this force is the weight of 500 adult African Bush Elephants (6.5 tons each)(since zoo is nearby)
          • Structural Steel was fabricated in Tampa, Florida
          • Main and Hanger suspension cables were fabricated in Milano, Italy
          • Cables were tested in Braunschweig and Bochum Germany



Iconic Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge Spanning the Scioto

A pedestrian and bicycle bridge will span the Scioto River in the heart of Dublin connecting the future Rivers
ide Crossing Park on the east side of the river as well as nearby commercial, residential and retail to Downtown Dublin on the west side. The pedestrian bridge will also serve as an iconic City of Dublin landmark – representing connectivity and inclusivity.


About the Project

The bridge will be 760-foot total length by 14 foot wide. The bridge deck is “S” shaped in plan with a radius of 500 foot and is anchored into the earth at the embankments. Four 65 foot approach spans lead to a 500 foot long suspension span. The deck passes through the “keyhole” of the main tower which is 169 foot tall.

A pedestrian bridge linking the east and west sides of the Scioto River has been envisioned since The Community Plan was adopted in 2007. In early 2017 the City contracted with Kokosing Construction for a cost of $22,603,889 for the construction of the pedestrian bridge.

The bridge is part of $120 million worth of public and private investments taking place in Downtown Dublin over the next couple of years.

Fact Sheet: Dublin’s Iconic Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridge


Project Snapshot

Timeline: Construction planned for 2017 – 2019.



Construction began in early February 2017 and is now substantially complete.


Developer: City of Dublin

Project Team:

Architect: endrestudio
Engineer of Record: T.Y.Lin International
Contractor: Kokosing Construction Company