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Envisioned as one of Dublin’s most important civic and natural spaces, the future Riverside Crossing Park encompasses both sides of the Scioto River at the interface between destinations, neighborhoods, the bridge and the river.

The East Plaza is planned as a center for activity and events, featuring a plaza landing, upper and lower terraces, pavilion building, greenspace, seating areas, overlooks, promenade, water features and an interactive bouldering play area.

The West Plaza landing connects the bridge and the heart of Historic Dublin. Still in its early planning stages, the west side of the park will accentuate the natural beauty of the riverbank, with connections to the Indian Run greenway, water access and trail systems.

Current Status

The park’s upper and lower plazas and waterfall features are on track to open in early October. The north and south lawn areas will remain closed until the grass is significantly established, which will likely be complete by late spring 2022.

Upcoming action items include: remaining path paving will start in the next 2 weeks, sod will be placed on the south end of the park and the wooden benchtops will be installed on the granite benches in the lower plaza.


  • West Plaza completion — Spring 2021
  • East Plaza construction began Early 2020
  • Upper Plaza/Pavilion – completed late spring 2021
  • Lower Plaza – estimated completion early October 2021
  • Great lawn space and recreation paths – Late Spring 2022


About Riverside Crossing Park

The Scioto Riverside Park Master Plan outlines a transformational vision for one of Dublin’s most important civic and natural spaces, which will connect Historic Dublin and the heart of the Bridge Street District.

Riverside Crossing Park will be part of a broader system of regional parks and local recreational systems, linking to these assets through extensive bicycle/pedestrian facilities, canoe/kayak access points, and scenic natural connections. The west side of the park is envisioned as a more naturalized area with connections to the Indian Run greenway, water access and trail systems. The east side of the park is elevated outside of the floodplain and will feature areas for public gatherings and cultural events, recreational programs, pavilion building, planting beds and scenic river overlooks.

The two sides of the park will be linked by a pedestrian-bicycle bridge, with public plazas providing access to restaurants, shops, a new library, and the broader mix of destinations east and west.

Distinctive features include:

  • Pedestrian Bridge:A pedestrian and bicycle bridge will span the Scioto River in the heart of Dublin connecting the future Riverside Crossing Park on the east side of the river as well as nearby commercial, residential and retail to Downtown Dublin on the west side.
  • Bridge Landings & Plazas: Centers of park activity and events at the interface between neighborhoods, park and river. These plazas provide the opportunity for active park programming and seasonal activities.
  • The Green: Flexible lawn space for festivals, events, passive recreation and leisure. The Green is the central feature of the park on the east side of the Scioto River and creates the setting for a wide range of passive and active recreational activities.
  • Pathways & Trails: Recreation and immersion in nature within the park as well as connections to the community and river system.
  • Indian Run Falls: Creative and sensitive access to one of the most dramatic natural features in the region.
  • River Access & Overlooks: Providing views and direct access to water’s edge for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, exploring and education.


Vehicular access, steep riverside slopes, and the consideration of existing structures are key drivers of park design and programming, as well as is the goal of maintaining flexibility for future programming for residents of both the Bridge Street District and the entire City of Dublin.

The Scioto Riverside Park Master Plan is a long term vision for the park, being developed in phases based on available public and private funding. The vision for the park has been instrumental in catalyzing the multi-million-dollar private investments in new developments planned for both sides of the Scioto River, adding to the vibrancy and vitality of Dublin’s civic center and benefitting all residents and businesses of Dublin.

Project Snapshot

  • Acres:
    East side  – 16.61 acres
    West side – 19.68 acres



Under construction

Developer: City of Dublin

Project Team:

  • City of Dublin
  • MKSK – Architect/Planner
  • EMH&T – Project Manager


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